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David Rae CFP®, AIF®

David Rae, Certified Financial Planner® Accredited Investment Fiduciary® and fiscal fitness maestro making dollars and sense for more than a decade.

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Who We Love To Work With Financial Advisor Los Angeles

How Do I Know If I’m a Good Fit To Work with Financial Planner LA?

The ultimate goal of the best financial planners out there is to offer a massive impact to the amazing people they serve- YOU! The best way for us to do this together is to solve a specific set of problems for specific groups of people. 
Unlike many other advisors, we don’t think it’s fair to work with someone unless we can truly and clearly bring amazing amounts of value.


Our clients live across the country; no longer do you have to choose the “financial planner near me.”  You can work with someone who specializes in solving the challenges you are facing.   We deliver the most significant value to our clients when we focus on complex situations that require our expertise.  Some examples of specific types of clients who find the maximum benefit from our LA-based Financial Planning guidance are:



Friends of The LGBT Community

As a gay financial planner, if you hate gay people, you probably won’t like having me offer even the most amazing financial advice.   We understand the fabulous economic challenges facing the LGBTQ community as we are living them ourselves.

We are here to help friendly people live happier, healthier, and wealthier life. 


People Who Are Within Fifteen Years Of Retirement

Given the chance, would you like to retire sooner? Retire Richer? Whichever choice you make, we are here to help you have the retirement you want as quickly and efficiently as possible.   All of your retirement planning questions will be answered, and we will help you enter retirement with a plan for an income stream you can’t outlive.

If you are planning to retire within the next fifteen years, it is time to make sure you are on track for a happier, healthier, and wealthier retirement.


Successful Business Owners Looking To Minimize Taxes

Currently, we are helping many Small Business Owners plan to keep as much of their hard-earned money as possible through proactive tax minimization strategies.  Tax Planning for small business owners means you don’t have to work harder to increase your take-home pay. 

Also, with the right retirement planning strategies, you can lower your taxes substantially each year.  For those top-performing business owners, a 401(K) combined with a Defined Benefit Pension (or Cash Balance Pension Plan) plan can potentially save you $100,000 or more per year in taxes.  That could be over a million dollars of tax savings over the next decade for high-income business owners via proactive tax planning. 



Entertainment Industry

Clients of ours work at  (or are happily retired from)  Sony Pictures, Netflix, Universal, Warner Brothers, and Disney, to name a few.  We help guide them through the maze of employee benefits to make sure they are getting the move value from their hard work.


Want To Minimize Taxes On Stock Options and Equity Compensation

Taxes on Stock Options, Employee Stock Purchase Plans, and Stock grants can for a staggeringly large amount and surprise many people.  We are here to help you make a plan to maximize the value of your Stock Options while minimizing the taxes you pay on them.  We love working with our clients at Apple, Tesla, Space X, Google, and Boeing, to name a few.

Let us deal with all the stress that comes with Stock Option tax planning.


We are here to be your Trusted Partner, Offering the best Financial Guidance

If you are busy living your life, let us be your financial planner, which allows you to have peace of mind knowing you are making the best financial decisions.  This will leave you to focus on things you enjoy more.

Most of our clients have either already saved $500,000 or more or are saving at least 15% of their salary.  This can include the value of Stock Options or Grants, which for many people, is a large portion of their compensation.   We love working with people who want to delegate all of their retirement planning, investment management, and tax planning to a financial expect to allow more time to spend on the things that are most important to them.


If any of this is resonating with you, feel free to reach out and see how we can help keep you on track for your most important financial goals.  We are looking to build a few more lifelong problem-solving partnerships as financial planners for our amazing clients. 











David Rae, CFP® AIF®

Accredited Investment Fiduciary and Certified Financial Planner

President / Founder DRM Wealth Management LLC

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