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Planning Uniquely For Your Life

At Trilogy, we start by listening to you and understanding your dreams and aspirations to enable us to provide solutions to help make them a reality.  There may be holes in your financial house, and through working with me, I can help you properly and effieciently plug those holes.

One Source With All the Resources

Financial advice can often come from a myriad of sources, which can breed confusion. At Trilogy, you will enjoy a relationship with one representative, backed by a team of professionals, who will help you plan your financial future. The advice is consistent; so is the financial planning and asset management.

Relationships that Deepen

Over time, your goals and priorities will change; therefore, your financial planning must change with them.  I am here to help lead your through these phases of life, and help make sure your financial affairs stay on track.

At Trilogy, that’s what we do. With our complete view of your financial picture, we are able to help anticipate and plan for the changes ahead. Your Trilogy Representative strives to help your family for years to come, with the goal of smoothing the financial transitions that arise throughout the many chapters of life.

Advising Each Generation

A good retirement or estate plan can help protect a family’s wealth for generations. Our planning recognizes this possibility.

We look ahead with you. Best of all, we can coordinate your financial, tax, and estate plan to help maximize wealth, potentially reduce taxes, and create a family legacy.

Trilogy Financial, Inc. gives you the whole story in financial planning – for each chapter of your life.

What to expect from Financial Planner from David Rae: 

Your peace of mind will be our priority and we will put this priority ahead of all others.

We will meet with you annually to adapt your plan to any life, business or financial changes that have occurred.

-We will continually study financial markets in order to provide you with the most substantive and current information available to keep you on track to reach your financial goals and keep your investment working for you as part of your financial plan.

We will return your phone calls by the next business day.

-You will hear from us on a regular basis to evaluate our progress and address any questions you may have.

 - We will coordinate your legal and tax work among your various  financial tax and estate planning advisors or refer you to attorneys and CPA’s.

-We will develop a comprehensive written financial plan and specific recommendations within two weeks of our data gathering meeting.

 - We will provide you with an implementation schedule for these recommendations and assure that every strategy you choose to implement is in place.

- We are committed to gaining a true understanding of what is most important to you, and the people you care most about.

 - We are committed to listening to you and answering all of your financial questions.                                          

Contact David Rae, CFP® to schedule your initial consultation, and see if it will be a good fit to begin working toward improving your financial future, and set you on the way to financial prosperity with a Financial Plan.

-David Rae  Certified Financial Planner

Vice President Investment, Trilogy Financial Services

Investment Advisor Representative, National Planning Corporation

(310) 756-0600 x7301